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    Onions Ready To Go

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    Broccoli Ready To Go

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    Baby Broccoli Ready To Go

Qualipac prides itself on producing quality, Australian grown produce. We have been growing vegetables since the early 1940′s and have continually improved and evolved our growing methods to produce the highest quality product possible. We have the added advantage of having our own pack house meaning we are in charge of our produce from start to finish. It also offers us more flexibility to work with our customers to supply a product specific to their needs.

If you would like to enquire about purchasing produce please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager Kees Versteeg  who would be more than happy to assist you or if you would like more information on our products, please visit our produce page.

Are you a grower of quality produce?

Qualipac often works in partnership with other growers who share our commitment to producing  quality produce. If you are interested in being a supplier to Qualipac or having Qualipac market and sell your produce, we welcome your enquiry. Please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager, Kees Versteeg.