28 Sep 2015
Monday, September 28, 2015

Beans and Cabbage on the Summer Menu

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With just a few weeks to run on our broccoli season and with the warmer weather now upon us our attention turns to our summer production crops. This year, as well as corn we will for the first time be producing both beans and cabbage as part of our ongoing partnership with food manufacturer Simplot.

This summer, Qualipac will be producing over 3000 tonnes of corn, 500 tonnes of beans and 200 tonnes of cabbage which will be destined for a variety of Simplot products. We are currently half way through the planting stage with the majority of the produce being grown in the Lockyer Valley.

Simplot have a strong commitment to supplying our major supermarket chains with both canned and frozen vegetables sourced from Australian producers and Qualipac are proud to be able to continue our association with them.

It’s great to see the supermarkets supporting Australian growers through their business with  Simplot. A lot of the time the focus is on fresh Australian produce but it’s also good to see their commitment to Australian grown vegetables in canned and frozen products as well.

Troy Qualischefski, Qualipac Director

Harvesting of the products will commence in November and run through until Christmas.

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