30 May 2016
Monday, May 30, 2016

Sam Swaps Beef for Broc

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Qualipac are pleased to welcome Sam Adams to our business who has joined our team as a Field and Sustainability Officer.

After growing up in Armidale on a cattle and sheep property, Sam moved to Gatton to study at UQ where he completed his degree in plant science. He is now an integral part of the farming side of the business and is involved in a variety of area’s including crop monitoring, harvesting and logistics, as well as managing staff and sustainability and compliance issues.

Sam brings a great deal of energy to the business and as with most young people, has an appreciation for technology and is interested in how it can be applied to the agricultural industry.

“I think these days technology has a big role to play in agriculture and it is definitely an area where the industry as a whole can improve. Qualipac are doing some great things with technology, particular with regards to irrigation and the business if very open to adopting new practices. It’s something that I’m keen to keep up with and apply what I learn to the business.”

Qualipac Farms General Manager Brad Qualischefski has been working with Sam over the past few months.

“We are a progressive and innovative business and good staff are integral part of this. Sam has been a great addition to our business, he is very enthusiastic and keen to put into practice what he already knows through his experiences growing up in Armidale and through his studies”.

In gaining employment with a business such as Qualipac, Sam can see plenty of opportunities to learn and progress.

“As well as growing, Qualipac are also packers and suppliers of produce to both domestic and international markets so learning about the packing and marketing side of the business is something I’m keen to do in the future. To have an understanding of the complete process from start to finish is very important and would be invaluable experience”. 

Qualipac's new recruit, Sam Adams with fresh broccoli from one of the farms in the Lockyer Valley

Qualipac’s new recruit, Sam Adams with fresh broccoli from one of the farms in the Lockyer Valley

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